High-End Solutions

Transporting goods abroad comes with many particularities.

This is particularly true for Russia – a country of superlatives. The size of Russia and the CIS countries plays an important role.

Russia is the biggest country in the world. It spans eleven time zones and has fourteen neighboring countries. Moreover, Russia’s climate ranges from polar to moderate and tropical.

No wonder that transports to Russia must be minutely planned and accurately organized.

We know Russia and with our high-end solutions, tailored to your needs, we provide a great measure of efficiency in terms of planning, controlling transports and record keeping of your exports to Russia.

Transporting goods

  • Consolidated shipment
  • Full and part load
  • Procurement logistics
  • Container transports
  • Heavy haulage

Delivery by all means of transport

  • Truck transport
  • Air cargo
  • Train transport
  • Sea transport
  • Combined transport

Transport processing

  • Organization of international traffic
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Special material transportation
  • Jumbo trailers
  • Mega trailers
  • Monitoring
  • Cargo insurance